Sunday, November 30

A Deal to Die for?

After hearing about the Walmart employee who was trampled to death by a mob of 2,000 Long Island shoppers desperate for a good deal I felt pretty happy about my choice to sleep in Friday morning. We headed to the Walmart around 9:00 and it was nice and quiet and there were still tons of deals left, gotta love living in a small town. I snagged the $5 barbies, Buke got his mp3 player, 4gb SD memory card and $2 DVD's. I watched people pick up the flat screen television and digital camera that the New York shoppers killed a man over. The best part was a last minute deal. $18 for a Disney character table and chair set didn't seem to attract a lot of buyers so Walmart sweetened the deal by marking them down to $2.50!!!! At that moment I felt truly bad for the poor folks who got to the Walmart at 4:30AM. I grabbed two. A few minutes later a lady asked me where the tables where. I told her they were all gone. She seemed so sad, I guess it was not a good shopping day for here. She had been a little to slow at every store she went to that day and missed all the deals she was looking for. As she walked away Burke smiled at me and said "honey we don't need two". I ran back and grabbed her and let her choose one to give to her daughter. The lady was truly shocked and was so grateful. I was so glad I could perform an act of Christian charity on the deadliest shopping day of the year.


Christina said...

That is so nice! What a good reminder at this time of give! That was a killer deal and I'm sure that act of generosity won't be forgotten! (Sorry to hear about the nasty "flu"!)

Heidi Gail Richhart said...

Corinne- You are totally AWESOME! i wish i was more like you.