Tuesday, November 18

Princess Pony

Our local family restaurant has "family night" with a magician who entertains the kids with magic tricks and balloons. We took the girls for a special treat when Burke got back from Florida. Jennah could hardly wait to get a balloon animal and when it was finally her turn she asked for a purple "princess pony". Jennah watched excitedly as the magician twisted and turned the balloon into a pony and penned on a smiley face. However she seemed very disappointed after he handed it to her. "Mommy this is NOT a princess pony" I was mortified and quickly responded "Why Jennah what do you mean? It is purple so it must be a princess pony ". "No Mommy" Jennah continued " It doesn't have any eyelashes!" The magician couldn't help from laughing. He kindly agreed to attempt drawing his first set of eyelashes ever. Oh don't worry he got extra practice when Jennah insisted that Susanna's poodle needed to be a princess too.

As you can see Susanna's "princess poodle" did not last the night.


Tiffany said...

LOL! Thats a great story. I love balloon animals. Brian wants to learn how to do them someday.

Tiffany said...

P.S We had Creamy Apricot Chicken for dinner last night. It's a winner!! A hit with everyone. Thanks for the recipe. It was nice to make something new.