Sunday, November 30

I'll Stick with Turkey Thank You

On Friday Night I got super sick. Throwing up, fever, chills, sinus headache, sore throat the whole nine yards. Burke got a really sick stomach Saturday Afternoon and Jennah threw up her dinner on our brand new carpet around 7:30. We figured we must have gotten a stomach bug. I was fighting a cold and the stomach bug broke my immune system down causing the cold to hit me really hard. We finally got Jennah to bed and Burke went to the Stop and Shop to rent a carpet cleaner for $40. Needless to say it was a long night. Jennah kept waking up and complaining of her stomach hurting and Burke ended up sleeping with her on the couch down stars until 4 AM. Luckily Susanna did not start throwing up. We were finally all sound asleep when the phone rang early this morning. It was our friend Kim who had us for Thanksgiving. She informed us that both her and Sam were sick but her daughter Camille was ok. We deduced that we got sick from the Shrimp Creole the only thing that Susanna and Camille didn't eat. And that is why we eat TURKEY for Thanksgiving.