Saturday, November 29

For my Family

We had a lovely Thanksgiving with our friends Kim, Sam, their daughter Camille and friend Allie. Sam is from New Orleans and added dirty rice and shrimp creole to the traditional Thanksgiving fare. It was delicious! Burke was happy as a clam tending the fire and watching football. The girls had a great day playing with Camille and I loved visiting with Kim and Allie. I was grateful we had someone to share the day with. However, it seems no matter how nice our Thanksgiving is each year there is something missing. Food, Football, and friends are wonderful bu they just can't make up for family. I missed my family so much yesterday. I miss cooking with my Dad, snitching food with my Mom, and laughing with my sisters. I miss seeing my daughters play with their cousins, share a story with their aunts, get squeezes from Grandma and tickles from Grandpa. I miss watching Burke and his brother in laws get a kick from some inside joke. But I think most of all this year I missed praying with my family...heads bowed, hands clasped and hearts knit in a prayer of thanksgiving to our Father in Heaven. I miss hearing my Father utter tender words of gratitude for our family and for the gospel of Jesus Chirst that allows us to be together for Eternity. This knowledge is my strength and my joy. I know that the years we spend apart can only make the time we share together sweeter. I love you and I can't wait for the time when I will be blessed to share this special time of year with you once again.

I Love Turkey

Liddy's First Thanksgiving


Lindsey said...

You made me cry!!!! I miss you so much!!! I pray for you every day and love you very much. give big hugs and kisses to all the girls for me!

Heidi Gail Richhart said...

Happy Belated Thanksgiving! we are glad you all are well.