Thursday, May 21

The Cabin

One of our favorite places to visit in UT is The Cabin. Surrounded by pines and aspen trees the Cabin is a wonderful place to get away from the world for a day. The Grand kids love to explore, boat in the pond and take walks through the "neighborhood". We love that it is located in Heber, only a little over an hour from my parent's house, so it makes for an easy day trip. We met the Pferdner Family and Kathleen and Jim there on the Saturday after Burke flew in. For some good old fashioned fun.

All of our girls have been lucky enough to go to the cabin when they were babies.
Here are some "nostalgic" pictures of Jennah practicing her crawling at the cabin and Liddy practicing her crawling in the exact same spot.

Jennah*Ashley* Susanna*
Best Cousins Forever

Never a dull moment when Uncle Burke is around

Yep that is a Slim Jim!!!! Burke starts our carnivores early

Mom and Jim

Angie and John

The Fam

Alex, Allison, Ashley, Jennah, Susanna


Heidi Gail Richhart said...

Looks like loads of fun!