Wednesday, May 20

Vacation Pre-School

One of the challenges of living in UT for two months was finding a way to keep Jennah socially involved and academically engaged in preparation for Kindergarten this fall. So we decided to send her to preschool while we were on vacation. And we are so glad we did!! The New Sunshine Preschool in Riverton agreed to allow Jennah to attend for their last six weeks of school. Jennah loved her time there and was able to participate in their preschool graduation ceremony. She was a assigned a little part and we practiced for a week until she had it memorized. The morning of the graduation came and Jennah was so excited.....

Grandma was able to take the day off from work and surprise Jennah with a card and some beautiful graduation flowers.

We thought Jennah looked so cute in the little cap and gown.

We were so pleased that Jennah was able to preform all the songs, actions, rhythms and poems so beautifully. No one would have ever known she had only been attending school for a month or so. She is such a smart and talented little girl.

She truly earned her "Diploma"

Jennah did not need any help reciting her part from memory. When it was her turn she walked right up to that microphone and spoke loud and clear for everyone to hear...

"But I think the worst of all, the hardest thing for me was to learn to tie my shoe"

The Proud Parents

Supportive Sisters

Wonderful Preschool Teacher Miss Vesta


Amy said...

She is beautiful. She looks just like her mother to me. :)

Heidi Gail Richhart said...

How fun! such fun times..