Friday, December 26


Christmas Eve

We spent the day making lots of goodies. Pretzels, Cookies, and even a gingerbread house.

That night the girls helped Burke deliver the treats to our neighbors and I made pumpkin pie. We ate tacos and drank copious amounts of eggnog. Jennah entertained us by singing all her favorite Christmas songs over the phone to Grandma and Grandpa. Burke's family was gathered in UT and we got to talk to his Mom and all of his Brothers and Sisters.Then the girls opened their first present.

Christmas Pajamas.

They looked so cute!!!

We recited the "Night Before Christmas" and read about the birth of Jesus. Jennah helped set out milk and cookies for Santa and the girls went straight to bed knowing that Santa would only come if they were asleep. When they were dreaming of Sugar Plums Mom and Dad watched "White Christmas" and helped Santa put the finishing touches on the presents. By midnight the house was quit as a mouse.

Christmas Day
Susanna woke up at 7:30 and Jennah was not far behind. I took the girls into the bathroom to do their hair and brush out teeth while Dad turned on the Christmas music and lights. It was a precious sight to behold the wonder and excitement in the faces of our girls as they realized that Santa had come.

Stocking were opened and Jennah received her princess necklace. Susanna was thrilled to get an Ariel one and lots of yummy treats as well. Dad got socks and I got a new crystal pin for my dress coat. Santa brought Liddy some baby cereal puffs but she was much more interested in eating the wrapping paper

It was then time for Santa Presents Jennah found the big one with her name on it and began tearing off the wrapping paper like a mad woman. She jumped up and down with excitement exclaiming my caste my caste he brought it! Santa brought it" It was priceless!!

Susanna was as equally thrilled with her Ariel doll and Santa brought Mom and Dad matching Auburn university hoodies( were Burke is graduating with and MBA in the spring).

Liddy got a new high chair and a cute new toy from Grandma nd Grandpa.

They gave the girls the cutest dolls that Jennah described as "Just perfect!"

The unicorn costumes from Grandma J where a big hit as well.

I got a new coat, scarf gloves and hat ensemble from Burke and the girls.

Burke landed a new tie and some money to buy stuff for his truck and a new baseball cap.
My sister painted me a picture that I love. It is a Vango reproduction that became the star or my Christmsa Table.

We had breakfast of crepes served on the new set of everyday dishes from Burke's Mom.

We captured the entire morning on our digital camera that was an early Christmas present. After breakfast the girls filled the days endless hours with play and I cooked up a Turkey dinner for us and the Sister Missionaries. Burke was a trooper and managed to keep the kitchen clean ( not an easy feat with me coking. I think he did four loads of dishes that afternoon. The Sister Missionaries came around 4:00 and we had a wonderful dinner. The girls loved showing off their new toys and we were grateful we had someone to send lots of leftovers home with. That evening I spent time talking to my family and we sent the girls to bed completely worn out from all the fun.

It was a wonderful Christmas. We kept lots of family traditions alive and started some new ones as well:

* Collecting a new Christmas Book
* Singing the Messiah
* 2nd Annual Christmas Singing Party
* Sending a letter to and Visiting Santa Claus
* Dressing up for Christmas Sunday
* Eating Shrimp Dip
* Going Down Town to see Christmas Lights
* Adding to our Christmas music collection
* Dancing around the Christmas tree
* Performing a live nativity
* Making Sugar Cookies
* Putting up a new Christmas decoration on our house
* Making a gingerbread house
* Watching White Christmas on Christmas Eve
* Santa Paper
* Making cranberry jello salad
* Opening presents one at a time youngest to oldest
* Lighting candles in our windows
* Singing Christmas Carols around the piano
* Watching a movie on Christmas Eve
* Christmas with the Missionaries
* Reading Luke II
*Performing a Christmas Service


Christina said...

What a great Christmas!! I love the kid's reactions! Their jammies are so cute, and I am not suprised that you took on that much cooking! You are always quite the baker! Looks yummy!