Wednesday, December 31

Music Wars

I must preface this entry by stating that I have no intention of hurting any ones feelings so if you have an affinity for Johnny Mathis, Lawrence Welk, or the Ray ConnifF Choir please skip this.

Every year Burke and I get into an argument over our choice of Christmas Music. Our first married Christmas we both copied our favorite Cd's from our parents Christmas collections and I just I can't stand listening to "his" music for more then a few hours. I know that seems really harsh but when the Lawrence Welk Choir starts singing a Christmas version of Old McDonald had a Farm or Johnny Mathis belts out Ave Maria I lose it. Jennah's favorite CD is the Ray Conniff Choir, "the epitome of supermarket music", singing Jingle Bells, Rudolph and Santa Claus is Coming to Town wich I will tolerate for her sake but Burke has five different Ray Conniff Cd's that sound identical and we listen to ALL of them. To be fair there are a few of my selections that Burke is not crazy about, such as Barbara Streisand or Celine Dion. So this year in an effort to minimize the arguments I quietly tucked the offending Cd's (Barbara included) in a box and hid them in a drawer in our desk. I promptly forgot they were there and a week later when we decided to move the desk I found the box and asked Burke "Hey Hun do you know what this is?" Well he found out soon enough and as punishment I had to listen to Johnny Mathis for three hours........I guess I learned my lesson. Wars can't be won by deceit they have to be fought fairly. So watch out Burke, next year Barbara is in the house!!!!!