Friday, December 26

December Fun

Christmas Sunday
I love getting all dressed up for the Sunday before Christmas. This year the girls looked especially cute in their matching plaid jumpers. If they look a little familiar it is because you have seen them before. Liddy Ann is wearing the jumper Jennah and Susanna wore when they were babies and Susanna is wearing the jumper Jennah wore three years ago. I found Jennah's matching jumper and blouse on E-bay.

We woke up to tons of snow on Sunday. We were worried about the huge pile of branches still left from the storm. They fill the space were the plows usually put the snow. As you can see in the picture the snow is now a little to close to our driveway. If we get any more snow I don't think we will be able to back out of our driveway. I called the city and they didn't seem to be worried about it. I even had the fire department come and see if it was a fire safety hazard and they responded "Oh don't worry we can still get to you if there is a fire." I bet if the snow was at the end of their driveway they would feel just a little bit different....... Fortunately it rained instead of snowed over Chrsitmas. The girls were disappointed they did not get to go sledding but at least I can rest easy until the next storm hits!

Visiting Santa Claus
We went to the mall on Tuesday night and it was super busy. I dressed the girls up just in case I decided to buy a picture. I have never bought one before so I had no idea how expensive they were. The minimum purchase was $25. One picture wth a jolly old elf is just not worth it. Burke and I decided to follow the rules and not take a "candid" of the girls with Santa so to document the event we took a few pictures while we stood in line. Both Susanna and Jennah told Santa what they wanted. Jennah asked for a princess necklace, a Cinderella doll and a doll castle. Susanna asked for an Ariel doll. The girls got reindeer hats and were so happy.


Christina said...

I can't believe that you were able to find that jumper! You are quite the e-bayer! I hate how expensive the pictures are with Santa! I don't understand why they don't do a package at $10, they would be swamped, I'm sure! I wonder how they even make money! (Probably from the grandparents who are willing to pay that!)