Saturday, February 7

Disney World

I know it sounds super cheesy but taking the girls to the Magic Kingdom was absolutely priceless. It was truly a magical day. We did everything the girls dreamed of and more. Burke and I had so much fun watching their faces light up, hearing their squeals of delight and a few screams of fright. These pictures hardly begin to capture the fun and amazement.

9:00 AM
Disney World Here We Come

9:30 AM on the parking shuttle
Getting closer...

9:45 AM On the Ferry Boat
Almost there....

10 AM
We Made It!

A Dream Come True

It's A Small World was our first ride and Liddy loved every minute of it. With Liddy in her wrap I was able to take her on ALL the rides with me. She loved watching the amazing colors and shapes when she was awake and the faster rides kept her sound asleep. She spent about seven hours of our day in her wrap and my back didn't feel a thing until 8:30 that night. I was a walking advertisement for "sleepy wraps". I had moms cornering me in the bathroom, chatting me up in line and gawking at me while I took Liddy on the rides. I was so glad she was happy because that meant I got to enjoy the day with my family rather then sitting on a bench baby sitting Liddy in a stroller.

We are wearing gloves because it was about 50 degrees in the morning and evening. In the afternoon sun it warmed up to mid 60's. Perfect!

Flying with Dumbo

Ariel is Susanna's favorite so this was an extra special moment. I think Susanna was in a state of shock most of the day.

Burke bought the girls autograph books which Jennah thought was super cool. She loves to read all the signatures and see her name there too.

The line was short so they go to ride this one twice

Tea Cups
" That was my favorite ride. Daddy spinned us really fast and I got so dizzy" Jennah

The Disney Princess room was the longest line we waited in. It was so worth it!

Sleeping Beauties

Dreams do come true!!!

Cinderella was wonderful. She took extra time with Jennah and made her feel so special.

Belle is my favorite Princess and she was lovely.

The Parade was fantastic and the girls got to see everyone

Swiss Family Robinson Tree House

Jennah showing off her souvenir on Aladdin's Magic Carpet Ride

Under the waterfall on the Jungle Cruise

Minnie's House

Not pictured ( hmm Burke must have had the camera)
The "happy, silly" Pirates of the Caribbean Ride. Jennah survived.
The Buzz Light Year Ride was an interactive arcade game. Burke Won
Burke wanted to take the girls on a roller coaster. Jennah saw what they were in for and refused but Susanna did not know the wiser. When they came off the ride Susanna's looked as if she had seen a ghost. You might get a chuckle from the conversatino that followed...
Mommy "Susanna did yo have fun?
Susanna " yes"
"Was it fast?"
" yes"
"Do you want to go on it again?"

Jennah was looking forward to the fire works all day long.

She was not disappointed

One last glimpse of the Castle

The last line of the night

8:30 and both the girls were out like lights . Jennah fell asleep sitting straight up in the stroller.

Sweet Dreams


Unknown said...

What an amazing trip! You're such a great mommy!

Melanie said...

What fun! Escaping the cold weather for a sunny beach is always a good idea no matter how far you have to drive. Your baby sling looks awesome! Where did you get it? It looks like a must-have.

Tiffany said...

They are so the perfect age for that. It will be something they always remember.