Saturday, February 7



We spent four gorgeous days in Melbourne. The weather was warm, the hotel beautiful, and the company couldn't have been more entertaining.

This is the view that greeted us from our balcony when we settled in on Monday.

I love watching the sun rise over the ocean.

Especially when you can enjoy it while you are lying in bed!

The girls were thrilled with their view too.

Liddy was all smiles after sleeping the whole night in her porta-crib

Our first day on the beach

We joined Burke's work associates for dinner at a legendary Melbourne seafood joint. Jennah and I had shrimp and crab yummy!

The girls didn't understand the rules of shuffleboard but hey had fun anyway

I took the girls swimming the next day and manged by myself by putting Liddy in her "sleepy wrap". This wrap was an absolute life saver. I wore Liddy everywhere and she loves her wrap so much. Once I get her all snuggled in she falls right to sleep. When she is awake she is still happy in the wrap because she can see everything, I can talk to her, give her kisses and she feels so secure. The wrap made it possible for us to have fun when Burke was working. Normally you wear both straps on your shoulder. I moved it down so you could see Liddy's face in the picture. The little bumps on the sides are her feet all tucked up and cozy.

More fun hanging out in the hotel suite

On Thursday I took the girls to the Zoo. They had so much fun and loved seeing all the animals.

You can't go to Florida without seeing Alligators

More swimming with Daddy

Our last time on the beach


Kellie said...

So fun! I love the beach pictures, very cute!

Sweeney Household said...

What a great trip! I can't even tell you how jealous I am looking at those pictures of all of you swimming & enjoying the sunshine. I am longing for spring..... Great photos. Liddy is adorable!

Tiffany said...

Looks like a great know we'll be several thousand miles closer to you in about a week, but it sounds like we'll still be a few hours would be fun to get together.