Monday, February 23

Husband Tag

My husband treated me to a wonderful evening for Valentines; Dinner and Dancing at the Double Tree Hotel. (an Air Force event) It was so much fun. Dancing the night away with my sweet heart reminded me just how much I love him!!!! So I thought I would do a tag all about my true love.

5 things he loves:

1. His Girls (that includes me too!)

2. His Country

3. Guns

4. Trucks

5. Tools

5 things on his to do list:

1. Replace the front Axel on his car

2. Rebuild his Truck

3. Buy a new chain saw so he can amass an even larger pile of wood

4. Further weather proof our home from the New England Cold

5. Earn his 13 promotion so we can move some where warmer

5 things he like to eat:

1. Country Fried Steak he orders it at almost every restaurant but he still says mine is his favorite ( isn't that sweet)

2. A really really good bacon cheeseburger with Jalapenos

3. Apricot Chicken

4. Red Hot Dogs??

5. Hot Tamales

5 things you may not know about him:

1. He wants to own his own an auto repair shop someday

2. He has a fantastic sense of humor.

3. He is a World War II buff (yep he actually read a few books on the subject)

4. He is NOT a reader

5. He loves to drive especially 18 wheelers. The two of us would actually go out on the road together before the kiddies came along.

5 places he's lived:

1. Sandy

2. South Carolina

3. Salt Lake

4. Massachusetts

5. The double tree hotel in Florida

5 quirky things about him:

1. He can't stand funny textures in food

2. He is very particular about his ties. He has been known to give away perfectly good ties because they "just don't tie right" or they are "too busy".

3. He does not like sticky or crumby messes. When he spots one he will stop whatever he is doing to clean it up.

4. He is very protective of his vehicles. He never misses an oil change or tire rotation. He does not drive fast and will swerve any which way to avoid a pot hole.

5. He falls asleep during movies, even really good movies.


Christina said...

I wish Chris liked to clean up sticky/crumby messes! He will ignore it and avoid them like the plaque...even if he is the one who made them!!!! :) Come live back in Utah so when Burke opens his repair shop, I will have someone I know and trust nearby to do the job! (I wish Chris' dream job was normal like that...he would love to be a professional hunter!)