Thursday, February 26

Way To Go!

I had to take a minute to congratulate my hubbie on a job well done at work. His program at work is, to quote his boss, " As complicated as it gets". He was able to get the first phase signed off on in January and they have been working hard to get phase two ready for briefing. They accomplished this in record time and the plan sailed through its approval!!! His Boss was pleased "Excellent Burke and team - great follow-through!" I agree!! Great job leading your team honey. Burke was worried about getting such a big, complicated program right out of training but he has proved his worth and completed the toughest part...getting his program approved!!


AdelĂ­ said...

Beaty and simplicity.

Tiffany said...

yup, you've found a keeper

Amy said...

Congrats to your husband. Your family is so adorable Corinne. Thanks for sending me your blog address. It's so fun to see what you're up to.