Saturday, February 7

Sunny Florida

Burke has been traveling to Melbourne FL for business a few days each month and we could not turn down the opportunity to escape the cold January weather a go with him. He arranged it so that he could get reimbursed for driving down rather then flying. All we had to pay for was our food, a few extra hotel nights and our entertainment!! We had so much fun. I hope you enjoy our travel log....

The Drive

We headed out a 5AM Saturday January 24 and cruised over the George Washington Bridge by 8:30.

There was no traffic as we waved hello to NYC from New Jersey.
We had lunch at the Dairy Queen in Maryland before we made our way past...
Washington DC
Again we were lucky with no traffic and made it to the Henrich house in Richmond VA by 4 PM.
The girls had a blast playing with Josh and Sam. It was great to catch up with Frank and Melanie, whom we had not seen for five years.

We left Sunday Afternoon and drove to Savannah GA. We stopped and had dinner at this classic BBQ joint in SC. Our hotel in Savannah was beautiful and we enjoyed driving through the historic district the next morning before hitting the road once again.
The girls were fantastic on the trip. They watched a ton of movies and we tried to find them spots were they could run around when we had to stop to feed Liddy.

They can turn anything into a castle.

We rolled into Melbourne at 2PM and I was so glad we finally made it! We drove 25 hours in three days.


Heidi Gail Richhart said...

wow! what a awesome trip and pictures. And documentation on the journey.