Sunday, May 30

Consider the Lillies

The Bishop asked me to sing on our last Sunday and as I said yes I thought..."great one more thing" However I am so glad I had the opportunity. We are taught that if we don't share our talents we can loose them and I have felt the truth of that. I don't get to sing as often as I used to. No more voice lessons, musicals, talent shows etc. I lend my voice to the ward choir and share a musical number now and then but it is not much. When I am asked to sing I get a little nervous, something that has never happened to me before. Can I do it? Will my voice be there? I only got a half hour to practice this week but on Sunday as I stood to sing I felt the calm assurance of the Holy Ghost that the Lord would bless me. Because I chose to share my talent he would make sure I still had it. I was so grateful for that feeling. I also know that the song I chose to sing was a blessing too. Consider the Lilies of the Field is one of the first songs I learned and preformed for church when I was a young girl. This song is very close to my heart and the message is one of assurance that the Lord will care for each of us and that if we have faith and trust in him he will heal us and make our hearts as gold. I have felt so taken care of lately. No matter how crazy this move gets, how tired I am or how worried I become there are daily evidences that the Lord is taking care of me; that he cares about all the little details. For example he knows that something that I think will just be "one more thing" will turn out to be a tender mercy.


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