Monday, May 24

My Week Long Journal

Mon May 17
I decided that I would tackle the home search on my own. I didn't like any of the agents that were referred to me and I wanted to talk to the listing agents myself- or so I thought. I spent hours on the phone talking to busy or pushy agents and at the end of the day I had bored and screaming children a messy house and only three appointments. I was so frustrated and then I found Phil. He was a listing agent who had a home that turned out not to be what I was looking for but he took at least a half an hour just asking about what I wanted, where I was looking etc. We talked neighborhoods, square footage and then at the end of the conversation he referred me to a rental finding service if I needed more help! He must have known what he was doing because I was like are you kidding me I want you to be my agent! He sent me a list of homes and it was the best list I had seen all day, with some homes I had not found on my own. I was so grateful that I found Phil. The Lord always knows when I need a little extra help.

Tuesday May 18th
J..h said the sweetest prayer tonight. It was an answer to prayer for me as I prepared to leave my sweet girls for five days. It is amazing how my friends have pitched in to help. The girls will be able to stay at home the whole time so J...h will be able to go to school. J...h prayed that she and S..a would be good for the babysitters and that she could be a good example to S..a. I know her prayer and mine will be answered.

Wednesday May 19
Our flight to San Antonio was a disaster. As I sat tonight to think of how the Lord had reached out to me today I was stumped. Biddy was a monster. She wouldn't sleep, she wouldn't eat and she literally screamed and screamed and screamed on the airplane. I felt so helpless. I tried everything and there was nothing I could do to make her stop. I was embarrassed and felt the critical eye of everyone on the airplane upon me. As I thought about my day in hell I realized that the Lord did not abandon me today. There was one lady in particular sitting in first class that was staring me down with the "she better be good look" as we boarded the plane. We were sitting right behind first class and I could just imagine that lady bristling at every scream. As I walked of the plane I saw her in the waiting area finishing a call. I had to wait for Burke so I couldn't avoid her. She came over to me and asked if it was Biddy's first flight. I explained that she had been up since 5:30 AM and that she had already endured a four hour flight that morning. Her eyes softened and I felt an outpouring of compassion as she told me exactly what I needed to hear ." You did fine honey. I heard her cries and could tell that she was just so unhappy- not that she wasn't being well cared for. There was nothing you could do to make it better. It is always worse for the parents then it is everyone else on the plane." I know this was a a tender mercy from my Heavenly Father. Sometimes he can't make the screaming stop, or the plane ride shorter but he always knows how to help me get through it so that somehow at the end of the day I am OK.

Thursday May 20th

The search for our home began and ended today. That in itself is a miracle! The home is a gift. I thought I would have to sacrifice something. We don't always get everything we want and so when we toured our home I left very excited but with a definite feeling that there was no way this was going to happen. Even after we were the first to fill out an application and were pre-approved base on Burke's work orders I felt sick to my stomach. I dragged Burke to look at another home that would have been fine- not prefect - just in case. After touring that house I felt like we needed to drive by the other one again. As I drove by the home and around the perfect neighborhood I still felt uneasy. Then I remembered that I hadn't asked the Lord. As soon as I asked I felt the spirit chide my just a bit. The Lord seemed to say- Corinne I saved this house just for you. It is prefect because I want to bless you. Don't be silly take the house. It will be a blessing to you and your family and you will be a blessing to the people I have waiting for you here. With tears of joy streaming down my cheeks I turned to Burke and said "Yes honey that is the one!"

It is a 2800 sq foot four bedroom 2.5 bath two story brick home. It has a formal living room, family room, eat in kitchen and bonus play room upstairs. It was the model home in a neighborhood built three years ago so it is upgraded with moldings, marble, slate, custom window treatments and beautiful two tone paint in the colors I love. Burke loves the two car garage, covered back porch and large yard. It is amazing and I can't wait to move in.

Friday May 21
We signed the lease on our house today. I can't believe it. No more worries it will be sparkling clean and waiting for us when we come from vacation in July. Even more amazing is that Phil was able to help me negotiate a three year lease with the first 18 months at a discounted rent. The rent on this home was already amazing so I can hardly believe that they took the deal. Phil was great- a true blessing. I spoke with the Bishop's Wife of our new ward and she was wonderful. The ward was just created two weeks ago so we will be new like everyone else. I asked her for the number of a Sister who had pre-school age children because I was very worried about being too late to put Susanna in pre-school that was relatively inexpensive. She told me to call Sara. It turns out that Sara and I graduated from rival high schools in UT the same year. She has three little ones and it is her daughter who is the same age as Susanna. They live within a mile of us and she was wanting to start a joy school. Her worry was that she only knew Mom's with boys her daughters age and she really wanted at least one other girl to do joy school with. I was an answer to her prayer just as much as she was to mine.

Sat May 22
My first real taste of San Antonio. I am so blessed to be able to live in another place that I am going to love. Yes it is going to very hot! But San Antonio has a lot of its own south west character. It reminds me of California- more trees then UT including palm trees. We visited a few of the Missions and strolled along the River Walk. I have fallen in love with stucco and terracotta- as long as it is older then 1920. I can't wait to settle down here and see more of my new home.

Sun May 23
Biddy was much better on the flight home. I broke down and gave her some benadryl and she fell asleep on the plane. It was so good to be home and all my amazing sitters kept my girls happy and my house clean. I didn't worry about the girls at all and didn't realize how much I really missed them until I walked in the door. They were both in bed. I got to give J..h lots of kisses without her brushing them away. S..a opened her eyes, gave me a kiss and an "I love you" before falling back to sleep. I love my girls! Thank you to Bryanna, Laura, Emily, Bridget, Jamie and Bethany for taking such good care of them.


Missy said...

Wow! I'm so glad you were able to find the perfect home so quickly! Good luck with this new chapter of your life. You are a wonderful woman and will be a blessing to everyone you meet!

Kellie said...

Wow what and adventure for you and your family and what a growing experience too! Can't wait to see you guys!

Lindsey said...

Thank you for posting such personal and uplifing experiences. It helped me remember how much the Lord loves each one of us and how He takes care of us. It is easier to be away from you knowing and remembering that! Love you so much.


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