Monday, July 26

All Settled


Once we got moved in it was life as normal, with one exception…no school for the summer.  Having been so busy moving and vacationing I did not appreciate having J..a home to play with her sisters.  Since we don’t have new play mates yet it is such a blessing that J..h and S..a are best friends. 


Their tent started as a house but then became their favorite store… 


J..h is learning how to deal with S..a mood swings very effectively.


The girls helped me paint the boards for a new dress up closet.

013 014 Once it was finished they presented us with a Fashion Show. I hung a sheet in front of the dress up closet so they could change in secret.  J..h used their rug as the runway. It was so cute!

058 060

I just love J..ah’s Super Star pose.  Work it Girl!   They sure are pretty princesses.



Even Biddy played her part.