Thursday, July 29


We found the local fishing pond and it just happens to be in the neighborhood across the street. They catch turtles and catfish there so we went to try our luck. We weren't lucky but we still had a lovely evening. I am sure we will go back often when the weather isn't too hot. We have been making the most of our mild temps -low 90's- since it won't last. This weekend is supposed to climb to the first 100 since our arrival. I will let you know how we fare.
I have to mention the fun story about my sun hat. We spent our very last night in MA in Boston's North End. We walked down the same streets I had traversed dozens of times and gazed longingly at the fancy boutique's window displays. I had never step foot in one of these shops let alone bought something but it was my last night in Boston and I felt drawn to the boutiques like a moth to a flame. ( can you tell I have been reading a lot lately :) Suddenly this hat caught my eye and I knew it was perfect. I had been looking for a cute hat and the ones at Walmart just didn't cut it. I braced myself for the price and it was not ridiculous so I tried it on and knew I had to have it. Burke was already half way down the street and I had to drag him back so I could buy it since I wasn't even carrying my purse. Burke just kept smiling and shaking his head at me as I paraded down the streets of Boston in my new hat while the sun dipped below the horizon and a cool breeze blew off the bay. I wear my hat all the time and whenever someone compliments me on it I love to tell them how I bought it in Boston from a fancy boutique on Hanover Street.
And there you have it! Now I am going to have to post a better picture of it so you can really see how cute it is:)


The Henrich Family said...

LOVE the hat. Wish I had one!